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Cocaine is a popular drug that is considered to be a threat to the lives of those who use it. Not only because of its effects, but on how it can trigger a person to do something wrong. For a very long time now. The struggle to end cocaine addiction and help people get back on their feet has been quite a challenge. Although help is available through addiction treatment centers, the number of users seem not to be changing. In fact, it keeps on increasing year by year. This is a sad reality as more and more lives are being put in danger.

It’s also surprising how people can get hold of this drug in large quantities. Just like in Columbus Ohio, 34 kilos of cocaine have been discovered during a buy bust. Such amount, if not acquired by the police could affected so many lives. This addiction blog hopes to educate people, users and even the not users of drugs on the dangers that the drugs can give them. This blog also shares information on how to successfully quit addiction and live a new life with the help of rehab centers and treatment facilities.

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Six men are being held on as much as 20 million dollars bond after a drug bust at an east Columbus warehouse Saturday.

Investigators got information that drugs were being transported from Mexico to Columbus on a semi-truck, according to the Attorney General’s office. Authorities stopped the semi in Columbus and then served a search warrant at a warehouse on East 5th Avenue near Stelzer Road. That’s where investigators say they found 34 kilos of cocaine, worth an estimated $3.4 million.

Investigators also say they seized more than $500,000 in cash, two stolen firearms, and multiple vehicles.

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