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It can be observed that there are so many addiction treatment facilities that are available in today’s time. This is because the problem in drugs is becoming more serious and the number of drug-addicted individuals keeps on increasing. The types of treatment have also advanced to cater to the needs of different people. In Nassau County, they have a new program where they send people who have overdosed on opioids straight from an emergency room to a treatment facility.

Close Addiction Treatment GapNorthwell Health, Nassau University Medical Center and New Hope Crisis Center will coordinate to make sure overdose patients have the option to go to a residential facility where they can determine the next steps for treatment. Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas says those moments between overdose and treatment can be crucial to breaking the cycle of drug addiction.

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“Once they’re stabilized, medical protocol is they are released. They’re stabilized and they’re sent out, given information about long-term treatment. But what we’ve found is that when people left ERs, they were heading straight back to their dealers to ease the symptoms of withdrawal.”

The program will be funded by civil asset forfeiture dollars from the district attorney’s office. Those dollars have also helped the crisis center expand to 24/7 coverage.

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