Drugs Found in Home of Ex-Columbia Police Chief

Of all people, it’s the police who are supposed to know the fact that drug is dangerous and using, selling, or just being involved with it in any way can lead to punishment. But it turns out that many of our cops so not take this seriously. Just lik...

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Drugs found by staff at Neath primary school

Drugs is indeed rampant today. It seems like everywhere we turn our heads to, there’s drugs. In fact, it’s like every country in this world is having problems with drug addiction. It is a sad reality that drugs have been so accessible to peopl...

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What Happens in Drug Rehab?

  Navigation: The Process of Treatment: What to Expect   Drug rehab can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know how it works. But addiction is such a dangerous condition that going through all the challenges of treatment is worth it. If ...

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