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How is Cocaine Made?




Cocaine is one of the most dangerous drugs these days. Once an individual begins taking cocaine, it has already been proven to be tremendously difficult to let go from it as it has already left its mark physically and mentally. Physically, it is capable of stimulating the system’s key receptors, the sensitive nerve endings, inside the brain to produce ”euphoria” and tolerance.

  • Cocaine is a worldwide, multibillion-dollar enterprise.
  • Cocaine use will result in death primarily due to metabolic process failure, brain damages, stroke, and heart failure.
  • Users are of all ages, profession and economic levels. Even schoolchildren as young as eight years have recently been reported to have become dependents of it.
  • Children of cocaine-addicted mothers can cause their babies to suffer birth defects.

Despite its risks, those who have become dependents of cocaine use continue to do so with the number of users continuously increasing. According to experts, these individuals find it extremely difficult to divert from the addiction, especially when no professional medical intervention is getting in between the substance and the user.

Cocaine From the Coca Planet

Cocaine is synthesized from the leaves of the coca plant. The resulting paste is then synthesized and cut to create street-level cocaine, which may be snorted, injected, or smoke-dried. To create the “best kind”, there is an available method of extraction that makes use of more toxic chemicals. Basically, there are 2 main ways by which cocaine paste is made, extraction through solvent and extraction through acid.

Extraction Through Solvent

Once the characteristic drug has been extracted, the liquid is heated to get rid of any wax from the coca leaves. It is then filtered to separate it from the rest of the matter. There will generally be an outsized quantity of liquid that is then mixed with sulfuric acid.

Acid Extraction

The acid converts the drug-free base to a drug sulfate. The mixture is allowed to cool down to permit the separation of the hard drug sulfate from the rest of the matter, then mixed with lime or sodium hydroxide. The incorporation of those chemicals is what causes sulfuric acid neutralization. Also, the resulting chemical could be a yellow gluey solid. The paste is then dried, repacked and shipped to a more advanced laboratory for further extraction and distribution.

Street Cocaine

Once the paste is extracted, it will need more refined processes to make it into the ingestible merchandise. Often, this is considered a purification method. The coca paste is dissolved in dilute vitriol and permanganate. The added chemicals are powerful agents that react with the impurities of the coca paste. It will then change the color of the coca paste from achromatic shade to colorless. The colorless, acidic output is filtered and treated with ammonia to neutralize the vitriol.

Crack cocaine is the most potent sort of this drug. Crack cocaine produces an awfully intense high, but through time, usually progresses to the manifestation of intense energy, upset, aggression, psychosis, and even death.

This article is mean to educate people on the dangers of cocaine. You are basically relying on your “dealer” to give you a pure substance as opposed to something that is not “laced” or “cut” with anything else. Cocaine Addiction is real and it destroys lives. Contact a rehab center near me to help locate the best detox and rehab center.

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