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If there is one problem that the world is facing right now that needs serious attention, it would be drug addiction. The use of drugs can lead to so many other things and can destroy a person in all aspects. The worse thing is, the number of users keeps on increasing and this calls for treatment. Specifically, the number of cocaine addicts who are seeking help has nearly doubled since the year 2011.

cocaine addicts seeking treatmentThe number of people seeking treatment for cocaine addiction increased by over 30 percent in a year and almost doubled since 2011, figures published on Wednesday show. The data indicates problem cocaine use is growing with the economy, said Dr. Suzi Lyons, chief researcher with the Health Research Board (HRB) which is issuing the figures.

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A total of 1,500 people sought help for cocaine addiction in 2017 – an increase of 32 percent from the 1,138 who sought help the previous year. Six years earlier, in 2011, the number was 770, some 94 percent less.

Numbers seeking treatment for cocaine addiction fell to 666 in 2012 and increased slowly as the economic recovery began to 708 in 2013, to 853 in 2014 before increasing dramatically the following years to 1,026 in 2015 and 1,500 two years ago.

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