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The worst thing about being an addict is when you get addicted to more than one substance. But it’s not surprising that a drug addict for instance is also addicted to cigarette or alcohol. This definitely is too much to handle and we can only expect all the worse things that can happen to a person- from affecting his health, harming people, and being a burden to the society as a whole. The article below talks about the relationship between cigarette and alcohol addiction.

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The Recovery Village examines the link between cigarette addiction and alcohol addiction

How many smokers also drink alcohol?

There is a direct link between cigarette addiction and alcohol addiction. There have been a number of studies done to confirm that people who smoke are more likely to drink alcohol. Studies have also shown that people who smoke are more likely to be dependent on alcohol. 90 percent of alcoholics smoke. Additionally, 70 percent of alcoholics smoke at least one pack of cigarettes a day (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism). 

Reasons alcoholics are often addicted to cigarettes

There are genetic and psycho-social factors involved in cigarette smoking and drinking alcohol. People who have addicts in their family are more likely to become addicted to drugs and alcohol themselves. Dopamine is one of the chemicals in the brain that plays a role in the development of an addiction. Studies have shown that genetics play a role in the way that the body reacts to dopamine. Researchers also believe that the same genes that lead to alcohol addiction can lead to cigarette addiction. 

People who start smoking and drinking early in life are more likely to develop an addiction later in life. If a person is in a family that smokes or drinks, then they are also more likely to be addicted to cigarettes and alcohol.

How alcohol use can encourage cigarette smoking and vice versa

Scientists have different theories to explain why alcohol users are more likely to be addicted to cigarettes and vice versa. One theory is that alcohol and nicotine have opposite effects on the body, which can cause a person to crave one after having the other. Alcohol has a tendency to sedate the body, and nicotine has a tendency to stimulate the body. 

There have also been studies done on lab animals that have shown that exposing rats to low amounts of nicotine can increase the consumption of alcohol (Lárraga, Belluzzi, & Leslie, 2017)...

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