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Alcohol Addiction and Abuse

Drug Addiction Treatment Centers For Veterans 855 339 1112 Addiction and Abuse of Alcohol Alcohol is a legal substance that lowers anxiety and inhibitions. It is also a controlled substance because of its high potential for misuse. CALL NOW LEARN MORE Beer Addiction...

Is Alcohol A Depressant?

Alcohol As A Depresssant 855 339 1112 The Dangers of Alcohol Alcohol is classified as a Central Nervous System depressant.This means if abused, it can negatively affect one’smental and physical health. CALL NOW LEARN MORE Alcohol’s Effects on the Body, Physical and...

Binge Drinking: Facts and Statistics

What To Know About Binge Drinking 855 339 1112 What to Know About Binge Drinking Binge drinking is encouragedthrough the “party culture” that ispervasive in many colleges and universities. CALL NOW LEARN MORE Binge Drinking: Facts and Statistics, Reasons for Binge...

Research Identifies 5 Main Types of Alcoholics

5 Main Types of Alcoholics 855 339 1112 Main Types of Alcoholics Alcoholism can lead to serious long term consequences.The majority of those who fit intoone of the five types of alcoholics are young. CALL NOW LEARN MORE Young Adult Subtype, Functional Subtype,...

End Stage Alcoholism: What is it?

End Stage Alcoholism 855 339 1112 End Stage Alcoholism: What is it? Alcoholism progresses in stages.It develops over a long period of time.End-stage alcoholism is the final stage of alcoholism. CALL NOW LEARN MORE The Stages of Alcoholism, Health Complications and End...
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