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Being a mother is such a huge responsibility. Bearing a child for nine long months is never an easy challenge. This is why we give high regards to our moms for giving us life. As part of this responsibility, mothers have to make sure that their child is healthy and will be born in this world in a perfect condition. But what about for those women who are struggling with addiction? The situation is definitely more difficult for them.

Good thing that there are now programs available that aims to help pregnant women who are struggling with drug addiction. This program is called “Healthy Moms” that was launched in September and has already offered its services to 24 women in Lackawanna and Susquehanna counties.

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Thanks to a new $500,00 grant from the AllOne Foundation, the program is expanding to cover Wayne, Wyoming, and Luzerne counties as well.

“Being a new mom is hard enough, and I think we know how challenging that can be. So we try to take away as many of the challenges as possible so a mom can focus on herself, her sobriety, and her baby, ” said Dr. Maria Montoro-Edwards, with The Wright Center for Community Health.

For the past two years, the number of babies born addicted to drugs in Lackawanna County has been twice the state’s average.

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