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Study Uncovers Disparities in Boarding Rates of Children with Severe Mental Health Symptoms

A new study led by researchers at McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School, in collaboration with researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital and Cambridge Health Alliance, has uncovered concerning disparities in boarding rates of children and adolescents with...

What is Lyrica: Effects, Abuse, and Addiction

Lyrica, also known by its generic name Pregabalin, is an anticonvulsant that is used to treat seizures. It is also used as a pain reliever for people with fibromyalgia, diabetes, spinal cord injuries, or herpes zoster. Herpes zoster is a reactivation of the chickenpox...

Women Face Hgher Mental Health Challenges After Cardiac Arrest, Study Finds

Cardiac arrests affect around 350,000 people in Europe each year with less than 20% surviving an out of hospital cardiac arrest. Research from Amsterdam UMC shows that women who survive consequently have greater rates of anxiety and depression. Furthermore, both men...

Are All Addiction Treatment Programs Equal?

Navigation: The Importance of Proper Addiction Treatment, Different Approaches to Treatment, Evaluating Program Quality   When facing the daunting challenge of addiction, choosing the right treatment program can be overwhelming. However, it is a crucial step...

Study Explores how Community Stress Affects the Mental and Emotional Health of Black Americans

Residential segregation is an example of the long history of structural racism in the United States. Black Americans are more likely to live in low-quality neighborhoods, which contributes to disparities in health outcomes. A new study from the University of Illinois...

How to Find a Good Addiction Treatment Center

Navigation: How to Find a Good Addiction Treatment Center, Research Treatment Centers, Check Accreditation and Licensing, Verify Credentials and Staff Qualifications. Evaluate Treatment Approaches, Detoxification, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), Counseling and...

Study: Most Adolescents do not Seek Professional Help for Mental Health Problems

A large international study conducted at the University of Turku in Finland found that most adolescents do not seek professional help even when they have a high level of mental health problems. This unmet need was prevalent across all eight Asian and European...

Family Members Who Have Drug Addiction

Navigation: How to Act Towards Family Members Who Have Drug Addiction, The Stigma of Drug Addiction and Rehab, How Does Drug Addiction Treatment Work?   Dealing with a family member’s drug addiction is an incredibly challenging and emotional experience....


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