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Drug addiction is not easy to beat. It is one of the most difficult and challenging problems to solve that even until now exists. In so many countries, it is considered to be a serious problem that affects the lives of so many people. As far as addiction is concerned, so many lives have been affected in different ways. If life is not lost, the person suffers from the effects of drugs.

In Elyria, their police have launched second programs that aim to help drug addicts and their families to resources that can help them. They have come up with a Quick Response Team program that will take effect in the middle of October. With this and drug addiction treatment centers, more people will be receiving help so they can start a new and better life.

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While on scene for an overdose, first responders are focused on reviving the person and handling family, friends or bystanders in the area. Before the department created its Quick Response Team, police would move on to the next call after the overdose was dealt with. But now, from noon to 2 p.m. every Wednesday, officers and a clinician will attempt to make contact with either the overdose survivor or his or her family.

The program is a partnership with the Lorain County Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services Board and Firelands Counseling and Recovery Services through Firelands Regional Medical Center.

Baker and Patrolman Zack Kasperovich work with Brandice Hunt, a Firelands case manager, during the follow-up visits. Hunt does most of the talking, Baker said, with officers there as a sort of escort for her or any other case worker out with them that day.

“Overall this has been a very good program,” Kasperovich said. “We’ve had no violent encounters, no turbulent encounters really. Everybody’s been receptive and opening and welcome. It’s a start.”

Hunt added, “Even the people that have said ‘no thanks’ have been like, thanks for what you do.”

Shifts vary, with the team averaging three or four attempted outreaches every week. The people who it attempts to contact are those who have overdosed in the city limits, are residents of Elyria and have no active warrants…

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