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Drugs can affect a person in all aspects. The worst of all these effects would be death. In fact, there is a high increase in drug-related deaths in different countries across the world. If not death, many are suffering from different health issues. Also, more crimes are committed as a result of drug addiction. This is now the kind of reality that many people are suffering from.

More than 730 drug deaths a year

In Ireland for example, they have 730 drug-related deaths in a year. Fatalities linked to drug use reached a new high in 2016, with 736 people losing their lives. The figure is an increase of one death in 2015 (735), but the two years together represent a peak since records began in 2014. The figure for drug-related deaths — equating to more than two people a day — compares to road fatality figures of 186 in 2016 (148 in 2018).

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Since 2004, the number of drug-related deaths have increased from 431, a jump of over 70%.

While overdoses (known as poisonings) have fallen more recently (from 400 in 2013 to 354 in 2016), non-poisoning deaths, including hangings, have increased (from 307 to 382).

“Behind these figures are lives lost and lives cut short,” said HRB chief executive Darrin Morrissey.

“The HRB report clearly illustrates the impact drug use has on families and society.”

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