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In a recent study published in the Lancet Psychiatry, researchers screened data of two million women aged ≥18 years registered in England’s National Health Service (NHS) to review the evidence on the effects of pre-existing maternal mental health illnesses on increased risk of adverse obstetric and neonatal outcomes, such as preterm births, babies small for gestational age (SGA), stillbirth, and fetal and neonatal death compared to women without a history of mental illnesses.

Specifically, they stratified risks from composite indicators for neonatal adverse outcomes and maternal morbidity according to the highest level of pre-pregnancy specialist mental health care sought by these women (as a proxy for the severity of illness).

Examples include psychiatric hospital admission, crisis resolution team (CRT) contact, or specialist community care contact, and the time of the most recent care contact seven years before pregnancy. This helped the researchers distinguish pregnant women’s mental health histories.

The article delves into a study investigating the link between pre-pregnancy specialist mental health care and the risks of adverse pregnancy outcomes. Researchers have examined whether receiving specialized mental health care before pregnancy influences the likelihood of encountering complications during pregnancy.

The study analyzes data from various sources to understand the disparities in pregnancy outcomes based on the level of pre-pregnancy mental health care. It sheds light on how prior mental health care from specialists can potentially mitigate the risks of adverse outcomes for pregnant individuals. Understanding these connections is vital for providing comprehensive care to expectant mothers and ensuring healthier pregnancies.

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