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To beat drug addiction has always been a challenge for many people or countries in general. There have been so many attempts already but only a few of them have been successful. There are those that were only a success in the early times, but sustaining the solution has become a problem. There can be so many reasons for this. One is the lack of funds thus the government could not provide enough help for drug addicts.

Good thing in Allen County, their council has decided to give $500, 000 to the Lutheran Foundation to fight drug addiction. With this funding, more people would be able to receive help, especially those who are really willing to start a new and clean life. Aside from the availability of drug addiction treatment centers, enough funding can help provide more resources to the people.

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The Allen County Council has given $500,000 to the Lutheran Foundation to combat drug addiction in Allen County, officials announced Thursday.

Senate Enrolled Act 510, approved by the Indiana General Assembly last year, provides $1.5 million in state matching funds for a substance abuse pilot program, Lutheran Foundation CEO Marcia Haaff said. The pilot program is specific to Allen County and expands recovery residences for drug addicts in the criminal justice system who are 18 years of age or older.

“We are working and today thanks to your contribution of $500,000 we’ve reached nearly our goal,” Haaf said. “But there’s not ever enough money, so we’re going to continue to fund raise to get more recovery residences.”

The Lutheran Foundation has partnered with local substance abuse treatment facilities Park Center, Shepherd’s House and Redemption House to expand the housing, Haaf said. Plans for the funding include bed space for 79 new patients.

“Although that may not sound like a lot, that’s huge for our community,” Haaf said. “We have waiting lists for people who are in the jail who could be in a recovery residence.”


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