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Before anything else, know that you are approaching the problem, not the person. It is crucial that you remember not to confront your loved one about the various treatment options available to him in a way that you are sure to end up in an argument. For safety, know that drug abusers are known to get angry easily so you need to take precautions when you approach this kind of situation.

  • It’s natural to be afraid when approaching a loved one about drug use.
  • We can never be certain about how they will react.
  • However, have the courage that your efforts can be life-changing.
  • Each user has the right and the option to receive treatment from various addiction treatment centers and therapeutic approaches best suited for his specific needs.

Attempting to restore your loved one’s once functional life and help him recover from the illness will most likely become your top priority. It may be tempting to handle it on your own; however, it can be extremely overwhelming and risky.

People who misuse drugs have the tendency to show signs of abuse in every area of their lives.

These symptoms may vary with each person and the kind of substance taken, but the common symptoms may include:

  • Drug tolerance.
  • Using drugs in an attempt to get rid of the withdrawal symptoms.
  • Continuous use of drugs even when they know it’s damaging them.
  • The decline in health and lack of physical hygiene.
  • Neglecting financial issues as well as family obligations.

Users can choose to get help from treatment facilities and gain access to both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. In an inpatient facility, a typical day may include individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, educational lectures, and skills training.

You can look into all your options to choose the right program for you or your loved one. The kind of program you opt to undergo is entirely dependent on your personal needs.

For instance, outpatient programs can offer more freedom, allowing you to still function at work and at home during the night. You have to check-in daily to take the programs required of you and report to a counselor daily for a short session. All these are aimed to help you keep track of your goals during the recovery phase.

The abuse of the drug usually begins when the user has already developed a sort of tolerance to the substance.

It will prompt him to take higher quantities of the drug or increase the frequency of use to get the first feeling they had when the drug was taken. Studies have shown that drug use over a prolonged period of time can cause the body to develop a kind of chemical dependence on the drug. As the National Institute on Drug Abuse reveals, this is the strong desire to partake of the substance.

Treatment programs are developed to help users get off drugs by curing this chemical dependency. Some recovering users have reported the urge to take the substance months after treatment. However, the program can give the individual the necessary tools needed to continue a happy and healthy life.

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