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Drug overdose is a common problem in the US and the number has greatly increased in the last few years. As a result of this, so many people put their health and lives in danger, even leading to death. So many families have also been destroyed because of this. Given this, drug overdose is considered to be a highly serious problem that needs an immediate solution.

But the good thing in spite of all this is that there is still hope. A Bryant graduate for example was able to successfully overcome drug addiction with the help of faith and family. Indeed, with these two things, no matter how difficult it can be, one would be able to get through it. In addition, aside from faith and family, drug addiction treatment centers are also a big help for people to start anew.

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Until finding the grace and love of God, local woman and former Bryant Lady Hornet Sarah Hart nearly became one of the many lives taken by drugs.

“I went to college at Lyon in Batesville and immediately started partying and hanging out with the wrong crowd,” Hart said. “I would get high smoking weed every night.”

Hart, who was a standout softball player at Bryant — graduating in 2009 — attended Lyon on an athletic scholarship, but said the athletes were “never drug tested.”

“We just partied all the time,” she added.

While marijuana and alcohol were the go-to substances for Hart and her crew, it was after college that she began to experiment with harder, more addicting narcotics.

“I abused Adderall, here and there, because I was prescribed to it in college, and maybe took some Xanax, but never really got into the hard drugs until after college and after I had my daughter,” Hart said.

Hart would later attend school at Baptist Health in Little Rock where she entered a relationship with an individual who was abusing methamphetamines.

“I didn’t realize until after I had gotten with them,” Hart said. “I told myself that I couldn’t really leave this person and that I was going to support them if they wanted to quit. I guess it was because I had already invested something into them. If you go to a barber shop long enough you are going to get a hair cut.”

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