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When we talk about Japan as a country, in most cases, we only have the best words for them. They are advanced, rich in culture, and has greatly contributed to the world. We have to admit that a lot of what we have today came from them- from household appliances, cars, to beauty products. But the best thing about the country is the fact that they never stop inventing and innovating.

Now, scientists in in Japan are working on making alcohol from trees. Yes, from trees. Although at present we have alcoholic beverages made from cedar wood, birch, and cherry. It is expected that in the next three years we’ll be seeing “wood alcohol” in stores.

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Japanese experts of the research Institute of forestry and forest products spoke about that in the near future will appreciate the alcohol made from wood.

The fact that drinks on the basis of the trees have a taste like alcohol, which is aged in wood barrels. This is what makes the experts seriously considered the competitiveness of the new drink.

How is he preparing? The wood is ground into a thick paste, it added yeast and enzymes, starts the fermentation process. The lack of heating of the drink (unlike traditional methods) helps to keep the specific flavors of each tree.

At present, scientists were able to create alcoholic beverages made from cedar wood, birch and cherry. So, for example, 4 kg of cedar wood allowed to a 3.8 liter of beverage with an alcohol content of 15%, while this drink is very similar to a favorite Japanese sake.

The developers expect that in the next three years, “wood” alcohol will appear on store shelves.


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