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It can be observed that drug addiction has become so big and serious as a problem that almost every country in the world tries to solve. Putting an end to it has been very challenging. One reason is the number of drug-addicted individuals that keeps on increasing. Also, more and more women today are having themselves into drug addiction. In fact, in Kashmir, 4000 women are among the 70 thousand drugs addicts.


Chairperson of Jammu and Kashmir Human Rights Commission (JKHRC), Chief Justice (retd), Bilal Ahmad Nazki, Monday said that there are 70,000 drug addicts in Kashmir alone out of which 4000 are women. He said this at the 70-th World Human Rights Day which was organized at the Auditorium Hall of Information Department here.

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Speaking on the occasion, Nazki said, “One of our jobs is to make the people feel the pain of the ill effects of our society. During the current year, more than 10,000 people visited SMHS hospital and Police Drug De-Addiction and Rehabilitation to get treatment for their drug addiction. That is the reason, we choose Drug Abuse topic on today’s Human Rights Day.

Recalling some of his recent experiences about drug prevalence of addiction in the society, Nazki said, “One of the boys told me that he had stolen all ornaments of his mother and sister to purchase drugs. Another person spent Rs 75 lakh on the drugs.

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