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  • Half of tech executives reported heavy drinking in a new survey. 45% reported using painkillers.
  • Layoffs, long hours, and stress have some executives turning to substances to cope, the survey said.
  • The study polled 501 tech executives at companies with at least 1,000 employees.

Many people go into tech wanting to work in a fast-paced, innovative field, and holding a senior position or C-suite title may seem like an enviable position.

But Silicon Valley and the tech industry have hit choppy waters recently, with a long list of layoffs and executives talking about battening down the hatches amid concerns of an economic downturn.

Meanwhile, recent research suggests that many leaders working in tech are turning to alcohol and substances to cope with the high stress and uncertainty of their jobs.

All Points North, an addiction treatment center in Colorado, published a report examining the findings of a survey conducted by Censuswide among 501 tech executives working in firms with over 1,000 employees. The survey, titled “2023 Mental Health in Tech Report,” was taken between April 27, 2023 and May 15, 2023. The results showed high rates of heavy alcohol use or alcohol use disorder, substance use and misuse, and poor mental health among tech executives.

Tech executives are grappling with substantial stress levels, as revealed by a recent survey highlighted in a Yahoo News article. The study exposes the alarming fact that almost half of these industry leaders are overwhelmed by the intense demands of their positions. The dynamic and fast-paced nature of the tech sector, coupled with high expectations and relentless competition, has taken a toll on the mental well-being of these individuals.

The immense pressure tech executives face has led many to turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as substance abuse, to manage their stress. Addiction, often triggered by the desire to escape or numb their anxieties, has become a serious concern among this demographic.

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