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Although there are so many stories about people getting addicted to drugs and never being able to recover, there are stories that are inspirational as well. In fact, so many people who decided to take the right path and change for the better succeeded. They even shared their stories with hopes to inspire others.

Here is another person who was once an addict and is now sharing her drug addiction recovery story through art. After a long-fought battle with opiate addiction, Kelsey Farver, a recovering heroin addict had her first exclusive art exhibit, called Kelsey’s Art of Recovery at the Black Crow. Farver said art saved her life and allowed her to be an advocate for people who are battling opiate addiction.

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“After overdosing so many times and having so many seizures, I didn’t want to die,” said Farver. You know I didn’t want to do that to my family and I didn’t want to do that to my fiancé.”

Farver said she’s using her art to educate and share her story with people in hopes of getting more individuals on the path to recovery like she did for herself.

“It just needs to start with people being better educated and just really know that us addicts can and do recover,” said Farver. “We can make something out of ourselves.”

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