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How Long Does Oxycodone Stay In Your Urine?

Oxycodone and its metabolites are normally discharged through the urine and sweat. However, oxycodone build up can happen in patients with renal impairment. In a urine test for oxycodone, the test can show a positive result in 3- 4 days after usage. To determine oxycodone’s exact duration in the body, different types of drug tests may be used.

  • Oxycodone’s detection in the system depends on the rate of metabolism, the body mass, hydration level, age, physical activity, and health condition among others.
  • The many factors make it impossible to determine the exact time span of oxycodone effects during a drug test.Oxycodone is recognized through brand names Percocet, Percodan, Tylox, Roxicodone, OxyContin, Roxicet, Oxides, Endocet, and hillbilly heroin.
  • These Oxycodone brand names can still be evident even after 3 months of a few drug tests.

To What Extent Does Oxycodone Stay in Urine?

Unlike several prescription opioids which are undetected by the standard 5-panel urine tests, oxycodone can still be evident in the urine 3-4 days since the last dose was taken. Morphine is oxycodone’s minor metabolite. Taking a high dose of this drug may lead to failure in an average drug analysis for opiates. On the contrary, people who take low to moderate doses should pass drug analysis for opiates.

There are cheap urine tests that identify oxycodone even as low as 100 ng/mL cutoff dosage. This actually means that individuals who subject themselves to the cheaper drug test after months since the last dose are more likely to get a negative mark.

How Long Does Oxycodone/OxyContin Live in Your System?

Each person’s body controls drugs in different ways. It is highly recommended, therefore, that you subject yourself to a more frequent drug test at home before you get tested under-recognized facilities.

If you have to undergo an Oxycodone/OxyContin test, you have to be aware that urine test may detect the drug up to 3-4 days since your last intake. The result can be significantly slightly shorter on a saliva test. Hair test, on the other hand, has a longer detection time of up to 90 days since the last dose. Long-term oxycodone users, without a doubt, will fail an opiates drug test.

Taking An Oxycodone Drug Test

To pass an oxycodone urine test, refrain from taking the medication 4 to 5 days or more prior to the drug test schedule to be safe. Otherwise, consult your doctor for a better recommendation. While there is a huge possibility that you will test positive for morphine also, do not worry. Nearly all labs recognize this as a false positive reading that is caused by oxycodone use.

It is also wise to take a few precautionary measures such as consuming “Detox drinks” as these can help you pass a urine drug test. Likewise, you can gargle a special mouthwash before undergoing a saliva test.

For an oxycodone hair test, use a detox shampoo treatment to take the drug metabolites off your hair as it can deeply cleanse and eliminate any toxins. However, if you continue taking oxycodone, new hair growth will already contain new traces.



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