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As there are different types of drugs, each of them serves a specific purpose. The wide range of drugs that are available in today’s time create a big problem across the world. In fact, in Ohio, they are still struggling to find supplies of lethal injection drugs amid fears it could be cut off from drugs needed for medicinal purposes if their makers learn they’re also being used for executions, Gov. Mike DeWine said Wednesday.

That has left the fate of executions in the near future in limbo. They have been on hold for months since DeWine ordered the prisons agency to find new drugs after a federal judge raised concerns about the constitutionality of Ohio’s current lethal injection system. A significant obstacle is the possibility that drugmakers might cut the state off from supplies of drugs used for medicinal purposes if they learn their drugs are also being used for executions, DeWine said.

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Multiple drug manufacturers and distributors in recent years have prohibited the use of their products for lethal injection, severely limiting supplies around the country.

But numerous agencies rely on the state’s ability to procure those drugs for medicinal purposes, including the departments of Health and Developmental Disabilities, the state schools for the blind and the deaf, and local community alcohol and drug addiction organizations, the governor said.

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