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It’s always such a relief to know some good news related to drug addiction. When there is an arrest, it would mean lesser amount of drugs, users, and pushers. This would also mean that more lives and future will be saved. As we all know, drugs can destroy one’s life. In spite of this, it is so saddening that still, so many people choose to use drugs. Thus the need for more addiction treatment.

For those who are selling it, they may not be aware of it, but they are affecting a future that could have been brighter. At the same time, they are destroying their own lives as drugs are illegal, they can putting themselves at risk. Hopefully, arrests like this will happen more often so this world will eventually be drug-free.


A year-long undercover operation for vendors selling ‘illicit goods’ on the internet ended this month with the arrests of more than 35 people and the seizure of millions of dollars worth of drugs, guns and Bitcoin.

The Department of Justice announced the news in a press release on Tuesday saying that the operation, which targeted darknet vendors, was ‘the first nationwide undercover action’ of its kind. 

Operation – Secret – Service – Drug – Enforcement

The operation involved the Secret Service, the Drug Enforcement Administration, Homeland Security Investigations and the Postal Inspection Service. 

The Department of Justice said that HSI agents from New York posed as money launderers on darknet market sites, a part of the web that can only be accessed through specific software and a dedicated browser that hides users’ online identities.

Agents – Currency – Currency – Vendors – Goods

The undercover agents exchanged hard currency for virtual currency, which led them to ‘numerous vendors of illicit goods’….

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