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If there is one thing that contributes to the worsening of drug addiction problem across the world, it’s because of some people like the police, who are supposed to solve the problem but are doing the opposite. It’s not the first time that a cop is involved in drug use or selling of it. This is abuse of power. Many of them think that they can do illegal acts without being caught because they know how things work.

The worse thing about this is the fact that they are courageous enough to smuggle drugs and provide it to inmates. It’s so sad that they are willing to risk their own career just for drugs and money. Hopefully, cops like this one in North Carolina will be given the kind of punishment they deserve. As this is a drug addiction blog, we hope to provide help to anyone who is using drugs and wants to quit.

A Rowan County Sheriff’s Office detention officer smuggled drugs to inmates into a North Carolina jail and was paid by criminals to do it. Now the detention officer is without a job and is an inmate after being arrested and fired on July 11, 2018 for his actions.

In June 2018, the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office began its investigation of Raymond Moore, 32, a detention officer working in the main Rowan County Detention Center. The investigation began when the State Bureau of Investigation charged a man with shooting a police officer in Statesville. During that investigation, the SBI learned there was marijuana inside the jail.

Reports from Fox 8 News show that investigators discovered that Moore was bringing drugs, tobacco, and lighters into the jail and giving the products to inmates for a preset fee. Moore purportedly arraigned with inmates in the jail to meet with outsiders at various locations in Rowan county to get the contraband, it was there that Moore was paid by the outsiders.

After reviewing video surveillance in the detention center and interviewing inmates, a search warrant was obtained on Wednesday for Moore, his vehicle, and his home. Evidence found during the search confirmed that Moore was smuggling contraband into the jail and providing it to as many as four inmates, according to the Sheriff’s Office…

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