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So many drug-addicted people need help today. As drugs are becoming more rampant, the number of people getting addicted to illegal substances is also on the rise. This leads to more problems that society has to face- addiction, crimes, and homelessness. This is why it is very important for these people to know that help is available for them whenever they need it.

In Denver, A new, self-sustaining way of helping Denver’s homeless, addicted and incarcerated cut the ribbon on their new location in Capitol Hill on Thursday. “It’s a program that is free if you’re at a point in your life, and you’re ready and you want change that you can come and ask for help,” Lola Strong of The Other Side Academy said.

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The Academy was originally founded in Salt Lake City, and is a two-year, live-in program for people who have recently exited prison, who are fighting drug addiction, or are homeless.

“Four years ago, I was in the Salt Lake County jail,” Robyn Paxton said.

Paxton went right to the Other Side Academy. Two years later, she graduated from the program and became a mentor.

“I’m hoping to create an opportunity for people to take the chance that I took because it’s there,” she said.

The program is unique in both length (two years) and funding source (private). The organization’s “social enterprise” are businesses, including a moving company, that pay the bills.

“This is exactly what everyone’s been looking for,” Strong said. “It’s kind of like the ideal model. We’re doing it ourselves.”

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