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The effects of drugs are so dangerous that it can totally destroy a person, affect families, and create problems in society. It is also safe to say that more people- those drug addicted ones are needing help now more than ever. The presence of many addiction treatment centers is a sign that help is always available for those who need and looks for it. Programs that are related to addiction and aimed at ending the problem is very helpful as well.

help the addicted with new programIn the town of Crawford, local police stations are opening their doors to offer help to addicted people with their new program. In a small but growing number of places in our region, that’s now a reality, courtesy of the Hope Not Handcuffs program. “This is a movement,” said Annette Kahrs, president of the Tri-County Community Partnership, which manages the Hope Not Handcuffs program.

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Hope Not Handcuffs aims to help bridge the disconnect between a drug or alcohol user’s desire to get clean and the challenges he or she may face in actually getting into treatment.

Several local police departments have already signed on: The City of Middletown, the towns of Crawford, Montgomery, Wallkill and Mount Hope; the Village of Maybrook. Walden and Wappingers Falls police are also joining.

“It’s law enforcement’s opportunity to offer, to the community they serve, a way out,” Kahrs said.

The program is voluntary, Kahrs said. The drug user just has to walk in the police department’s door and ask for help.

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