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Getting into drug addiction is easy, getting out of it is the real challenge. Many people end up regretting their decision to use drugs, especially that they were not able to control themselves and allowed to be addicted. For people who need all the help they can get to recover from their addiction, drug treatment centers are a great help. But aside from this, a lot more ways are available for them. Also, there are many people who are willing to extend help.

Just like Jill Stansbury, a naturopath who organizes a health network to focus on opioid addiction. Stansbury, a licensed naturopath with almost 30 years experience, is cutting back hours at Battle Ground Healing Arts. But she’s looking to replace that gap through work with Clark County Community Health Network. The network is a local volunteer organization that wants to address county’s opioid epidemic and environmental health.

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Stansbury has treated patients with opioid addictions and has had family impacted by the opioid epidemic, which killed more than 39 people in Clark County in 2017, and nearly 48,000 nationwide, according to the most current statistics.

“I’ve seen the struggle people have had with general medicine not always being in their camp to get them healthier,” she said.

Stansbury wants to increase the options available for people struggling with opioid use. She said the network would help pair people with treatment centers and mental health services, while also showing them resources that naturopathic medicine can offer. The network offers education classes on recovery, and can connect people with physicians who specialize in opioid recovery.

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