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A mental health hotline for new and expectant parents received more than 12,000 calls and texts in its first year, with a surge in January after Massachusetts mother Lindsay Clancy allegedly killed her children, according to data first shared with NBC News.

The federally funded National Maternal Mental Health Hotline launched last Mother’s Day and has averaged about 1,000 interactions per month, said a spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services’ Health Resources and Services Administration.

NBC News reports that the National Maternal Mental Health Hotline, established to support mothers facing mental health challenges, has received an overwhelming response in its first year. According to the article, the hotline received over 12,000 calls and texts from women across the United States seeking assistance with various mental health issues. The pandemic exacerbated existing mental health concerns and highlighted the critical need for such services. The hotline connects callers with trained professionals who offer guidance, resources, and emotional support.

This surge in hotline usage demonstrates the increasing awareness and recognition of maternal mental health struggles. Women experiencing postpartum depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorders can now find solace and assistance through this vital service. The article emphasizes the importance of seeking help and breaking maternal mental health stigma.

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