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We all know that drug use is dangerous, especially when one gets addicted to it. Addiction can lead to so many crimes aside from destroying the life of the user and those around him. There have been so many deaths caused by the effects of drugs. This means that so many lives have been wasted because of it. One of the effects of drugs is that it makes the user feel all powerful that he can do anything. In most case, the person is not entirely aware if what he is doing is still the right or not.

In Coventry Park, it’s so alarming that drugs and weapons have been found by the police. Imagine what could have happened in case these things weren’t discovered. Good thing that the police are doing their job. The problem with drugs should really have an end to save people– especially those who wants to be saved. With the help of addiction treatment centers, anyone who is under the influence of drugs and wants to quit can get help they need.

A disturbing haul of weapons, needles and drugs has been uncovered by police in a Coventry park.

Among the disturbing items confiscated from Lady Herbert’s Garden was a chef’s knife with a large blade, a screwdriver, used needles and nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, cannisters.

Police officers from the St Michael’s area of the city tweeted the photos yesterday.

The items will be used as evidence and then destroyed…

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