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Sometimes the problem with drugs seems too much to handle. Due to the effects of drugs, people seems to be so powerful to just do anything they can think of, without thinking if it will cause them their lives, that of their loved ones or not. They are really not thinking about the consequences of their own actions. In a family, in case one is addicted to drugs, it is considered a serious problem as it can affect everyone in the family. In most case, the parents are expected to try their best to protect their children.

But if your own parents, your mother specifically is the one to put your life at risk? Well, this is not the first time that it happened. This is why drug rehab services are being intensified to prevent such things from happening. This blog aims to save lives of mothers, fathers, children- whoever it is who wants to be saved from drugs.


MARYSVILLE, Calif. – A Northern California mom and her two kids have been found after police said she fled a Marysville hospital after her baby tested positive for drugs.

Witnesses told KTXL that Tina Baiz and her two kids were found near a Motel 6 in Linda. Baiz and her kids were missing since July 4 when she brought her baby Zeke in for an emergency to Rideout Hospital in Marsville.

“We believe Tina may have overheard a conversation outside of the room discussing the positive result the child had for drugs in his system,” Yuba City police spokeswoman Shawna Pavey said.

Baiz left, while baby Zeke still had an IV inserted.

Police would not comment on how the kids are doing now, but they said they are questioning Baiz, who will likely face charges.

“We need to know exactly what has happened with Zeke and Zoe since the time she left Rideout Hospital until we found her this afternoon,” Pavey said.

But police said they could not have found Baiz and the kids without the community’s help.

“In cases like this, folks that are out in the community, along with the press, are so important in helping us get the information we need in the timeliest manner possible,” Pavey told FOX40.

Police would not say what type of drugs the baby tested positive for…

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