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How Addictive Is Methamphetamine?




How is Methamphetamine classified? How do users abuse the drug and what are its consequences? In this article, we will attempt to dig into these questions and further distinguish legal and medical narcotics.

Methamphetamine is believed to be among the most addictive substances all over the world. The abuse and addiction to Methamphetamine can have dreadful consequences including medical, psychological as well as social side effects. In the long term, the use of meth can ruin an addicted individual’s life.

  • It is common for individuals abusing this drug to take in a lower intensity of Meth, either swallowed or snorted.
  • Meth abusers usually turn to this drug to stay awake for the objective of finishing their tasks and other daily obligations.  
  • Eventually, many users lose control over the drug, especially when they smoke or inject meth into their system with a needle. This type of administration has the ability to increase the levels of rush and feelings of euphoria thereby causing the addiction even more rapidly.

There has been dreadful news featuring people who are heavy meth users.

In June 2016, a woman in Utah who had given birth to seven babies over a period of time killed six of the infants and hid their bodies in the garage. Apparently, the last infant was stillborn. The said woman was said to be addicted to methamphetamine.

The Police were able to reveal that the woman expressed her unwillingness to deal with the responsibility of being a mother. Usually, a heavy meth addict is not as coherent as this. Hence, the woman may not have been high when she was dealing with the police’s interrogations.

Heavy meth users are characterized by their ability to stay up for many days.

The drug is a very potent stimulant that is able to abnormally energize the person using it. Using a certain amount of meth can also impede hunger pangs so that users do not feel like eating at all. Finally, after days of not eating and sleeping, the body will collapse and sleep for 24 hours, sometimes even longer.

During this time, the person can either be highly paranoid or very delusional. They may be able to imagine that their own children are the demons trying to cause them harm. They can be paranoid that their friends or family may already be calling the police. While they may not exactly be murderous, they can imagine threats where there is none.

Another story comes from a young mother in California who was filming herself, while she was smoking meth.

Children almost always cannot get away from this delusion.

If they are fortunate, someone can send them to a safe place until the parents have become sober. However, most children of heavy meth users are often neglected even with basic care like changing their diapers and preparing their meals. In several cases, children have been harmed and killed by their own parents.

A person with this condition is impossible to understand because the drugs have made him delusional. The only reality he can see is what the drug creates in his mind. Meth is amongst the fastest addicting drugs. It can create the most intense cravings to overwhelm one’s sanity. For some, a single use is all it takes to drive them back to use the drug over and over again.



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