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What Is Methamphetamine Addiction?

Methamphetamine is an extremely potent, habit-forming stimulant that is capable of affecting the brain and the central nervous system.

Nick Names Of Methamphetamine

  • Meth
  • Crystal
  • Ice
  • Chalk

Methamphetamine usually appears white and odorless in crystalline powder that is quick to dissolve in water or any liquid.

In the start of the century, methamphetamine was created from amphetamine, the parent drug. It was initially produced as bronchial inhalers and nasal decongestants. Just like amphetamine addiction, meth dependency causes increased energy and talkativeness, as well as increased sense of pleasure or euphoria. However, the substance decreases interest in food.

  • According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, methamphetamine is classified as a Type II stimulant.
  • It is legally available only through a physician’s prescription.
  • It is prescribed for the treatments of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and weight-loss.
  • They are also typically prescribed in low doses.

In a survey done by Monitoring the Future (MTF) in 2012, it was found out that approximately one percent of students between 8th and 12th graders had used methamphetamine for about a year. It also included data on adolescents between 10th and 12th graders using meth for the past 5 years. The 8th grade users, on the other hand, went down significantly for the past year.

Methamphetamine usage in young students and adolescents, however, has declined since 1999. MTF has included methamphetamine addiction as part of their survey since 1999.

History of Meth Use and Abuse

Methamphetamine is a stimulant originally used by World War II soldiers to keep them awake. There was also a time when meth was used for weight loss and depression. Recently, meth is rarely used but is commonly given to patients clinically diagnosed with ADHD and obesity. Since it is a controlled medication, it must be prescribed by a medical doctor first primarily because of its addictive effects.

The dangerous drug crystal methamphetamine contains an ingredient called pseudoephedrine. This particular ingredient is often found in many common cold medicines that help alleviate nasal congestion. This component, further, is one of the reasons why the drug carries an addictive effect. Due to the medication’s highly addictive nature, the federal government of the United States monitors and regulates the use of methamphetamine and pseudoephedrine.

Methamphetamine Manufacture & Preparations

The crystal meth products in the United States were commonly made from Mexican “super laboratories.” However, there are recent reports have revealed that it can now be produced in small labs mostly found right in people’s houses or right under their basements.

Producing meth is a perilous method due to the chemicals included to make the drug. Aside from the toxicity of the drug, explosions may also result if preparation and handling of the chemicals are not done the right way.

While crystal meth comes in crystal clear white bits that resemble an ice, makers of it have recently created colorful powders in orange, yellow, gray, brown, and pink. Most of the time, methamphetamine is smoked, but the drug can also be snorted, injected, or taken as a pill.

Methamphetamine addiction is among the toughest type of addictions to intervene. The most effective way to help yourself or your loved one with this problem is to consult a professional medical help. Contact RehabNear.Me to find an addiction treatment center near you that specializes in Methamphetamine Addiction.

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