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New research is tackling the mental health crisis in the construction industry – highlighting the benefits of an on-site Health Hub on worker wellbeing.

The construction industry has the highest number of deaths by suicide compared to other employment sectors, accounting for 20% of all suicides by occupation between 2011-2019 (ONS).

Now, in a joint collaboration between the University of Warwick and National Grid, researchers are attempting to address this problem.

A Health Hub was set up on a construction site in Sellindge, Kent which employees could use during their long working days. The Health Hub, a pilot for future projects which could be implemented across the UK, included a gym, social spaces, one-to-one wellbeing coaching, health awareness events and a canteen with free healthy meals.

In a bid to address the mental health challenges faced by construction workers, the implementation of an innovative On-Site Health Hub has yielded promising results. According to a recent report on News-Medical, the hub has significantly improved the mental well-being of workers within the construction industry.

The article highlights that the construction sector often faces an uphill battle in tackling mental health issues among its workforce due to the demanding and high-stress nature of the job. However, the introduction of the On-Site Health Hub has provided a beacon of hope for better mental health support.

The Health Hub offers a wide range of services, including access to mental health professionals, counseling sessions, and workshops aimed at promoting emotional resilience and coping strategies. By providing these resources on-site, the barriers to seeking help are significantly reduced, allowing workers to seek support without fear of judgment or time constraints.

Furthermore, the article emphasizes that the positive impact of the Health Hub has rippled beyond individual workers, with overall productivity and job satisfaction experiencing an upswing. The initiative has fostered a sense of community, fostering a supportive and understanding workplace environment.

In conclusion, implementing an On-Site Health Hub within the construction industry has emerged as a promising solution to bolster the mental well-being of workers, address the stigma surrounding mental health, and enhance overall job satisfaction and productivity.

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