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Giving schools the right resources and training to teach pupils about mental health really can have a positive impact on young people’s wellbeing.

New research by Welsh academics has just been published demonstrating the benefits of improving pupils’ mental health literacy and reducing the stigma around mental health issues at a crucial stage in a young person’s life.

Most mental health problems start in the teenage years with a recent survey identifying that two in five young people report mental health symptoms. However, due to poor knowledge of mental health issues, and stigma about mental health, most young people do not seek help.

Against this background, the team from Swansea and Cardiff universities worked with charity Action for Children to develop mental health literacy programme The Guide Cymru which consists of training for teachers, access to online resources and videos and classroom modules.

In a recent study, researchers have discovered that educating students about mental health can significantly enhance the well-being of young individuals. The findings suggest that incorporating mental health education into school curricula can play a crucial role in promoting positive mental health and resilience among students.

According to a study published in a leading medical journal, teaching young people about mental health increases their understanding and awareness of various mental health conditions and equips them with essential coping strategies. This knowledge empowers students to recognize the signs of mental health issues in themselves or others, reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and encouraging open discussions.

The research highlights the importance of early intervention and prevention by addressing mental health concerns in educational settings. By fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, schools can effectively contribute to the overall mental well-being of their students.

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