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Mental health hospitals for children are making patients worse, a major charity has found, as more than half of those they treat report negative experiences.

Britain’s child inpatient mental health units are being used as “holding places” for those needing treatment, and are failing to improve the mental health of those with the most severe needs, according to a report from Mind.

The charity says the findings from its latest survey of children in hospitals should “stop the government in its tracks” and has called for a public inquiry into inpatient mental health services.

A recent report sheds light on the dire state of mental health support for children in hospitals, emphasizing the pressing need for comprehensive rehabilitation services. The alarming findings reveal that a significant number of young patients are facing distressing mental health challenges within hospital settings, further exacerbating their struggles. As young minds are particularly vulnerable, it is crucial to address their mental well-being alongside physical health during their hospital stays.

The study emphasizes the overwhelming demand for specialized programs that cater specifically to children and adolescents. Many hospitals lack adequate resources, including trained mental health professionals, therapeutic interventions, and suitable treatment facilities. Consequently, children are often left without the necessary support to overcome mental health issues arising from trauma, abuse, or addiction.

This concerning situation underscores the significance of organizations like in providing crucial rehabilitation services for children and adolescents grappling with addiction. Recognizing the unique needs of young individuals, offers comprehensive and compassionate support, focusing on both the physical and mental aspects of addiction recovery.

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