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Are you thinking of sober activities to do because the weekend is once again here? Don’t get wasted. It is possible to stay sober. But you must win before you begin. What that means is have a plan for success instead of going with the flow. Because going with the flow will typically lead you down the same paths. 

Eventually, you will realize that nothing compares to staying sober- it is a positive way to live life! One huge benefit is you will wake up without asking what you did the night before, without the hangover headaches, and without the remorses.

To continue what you have started, here are sober activities that will not put your recuperation in jeopardy.

Museums are educational, especially for history and art lovers.

These places can serve as a quiet and excellent space for reflection. If you needed to breathe outside of the house, a neighboring museum is a great idea. Or, if you take pleasure in backgrounds, you might consider looking into local scenic tours in your area.

Regional sports games for athletes.

Sign up with a sports organization within the neighborhood. Dedicating yourself to regular games will make you busy, not to mention, you can inspire others to do the same.

Watch local movie theater for film enthusiasts.

Find a buddy to spend supper with, while watching a movies in parks perhaps. Or, you could welcome some friends over, some popcorn, and host a film fest of your own.

Stroll around the neighborhood parks for the impatients.

Stroll to a coffeehouse, get a slice of pizza, or do some late-night window shopping. You may find the company with fresh air a great way to let pass time.

Run 5k for health enthusiasts.

You want to run? Train for it! It will really feel satisfying when you do. If you need a workout routine partner, join a night running group or find a personal fitness instructor for that added push.

For artists: Host special celebrations for artists.

Invite good friends over during Sunday night football or organize a pumpkin sculpting competition. Perhaps a “Friendsgiving Dinner” in November? Any terrific celebration to have a sober party with your closest pals is an excellent idea.

If you’re still puzzled for ideas, ask somebody in your sober network  like a therapist, a coach, or a close friend . What they can share with you can for sure provide enjoyable evening. If you feel that you have never before required help in your journey to recovery, do not hesitate to reach out.

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