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The extended use of crystal meth can cause the addictive substance to start down regulation, a pathologic process in the brain. The process is characterized by a decreasing production of brain neurons that specialize in the release of dopamine. As such, the natural production of dopamine that is required for the normal functioning of the brain now depends largely on the intake of crystal meth.

  • If you decide to stop crystal meth use, the levels of dopamine in your brain immediately drop to extremely low levels.
  • The result will, in turn, affect the set of withdrawal symptoms.
  • In severe cases during the withdrawal phase, you may experience more psychological and emotional side effects than the physical signs.

The major discomfort from crystal meth withdrawal is anhedonia.

You may notice that you no longer find satisfaction or pleasure in anything at all, directly caused by a large decrease in the chemical dopamine.

Crystal meth detoxification is a natural occurrence as soon as you stop taking the drug you have chosen to use for years. Your body immediately proceeds to its own process of drug elimination through your liver. However, during this time you will begin to experience a number of withdrawal symptoms that may push you into a drug addiction relapse.

Detoxification is merely the first step to recovery from crystal meth addiction. While it is extremely difficult for anyone to overcome the entire process, it is possible. If you were once a heavy meth user, your withdrawal symptoms may include jitteriness and cravings, especially during the first 24 hours of abstaining from it.

One valuable method of detoxification is the use of herbs.

Black walnut

The herb can oxygenate blood; thus, able to kill the toxins in the system. It simultaneously balances your sugar levels while executing fat metabolism.


The herb is well-known for providing good liver health. It also helps to detoxify bodily toxins, aids weak arteries, and improves circulation.


The herb is effective in treating bladder infections. Also, it has the ability to cleanse bodily toxins.

Licorice Root

Chinese medicine roots, a small amount of such creates a feeling of calmness. It also alleviates a number of withdrawal symptoms.


The fruit is known for improving digestion by breaking down protein. It can also help soothe stomach cramps. It is also effective in neutralizing stomach acid, especially when you feel the need to vomit during the withdrawal phase.

Milk thistle

A very potent herb. It helps liver function and be cleansed from bodily toxins.


The herb is effective for cleansing and strengthening the body during detoxification.

Pumpkin seeds

It contains a lot of nutrients to help the body during detoxification. Like most other herbs, it also has natural components for cleansing the body from toxins.

While all of the herbs mentioned above are extremely potent, the use should be with great caution.

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