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Today, more people are needing help to be treated for their drug addiction. The number of drug users has been consistently on the rise and this has been affecting society as a whole. So many crimes are caused by drug addiction and drugs have always been one of the major causes of the bigger problems in this world. There are has been so many ways that government officials or even private sectors have tried to implement to solve this problem, in addition to the availability of addiction treatment centers.

In Wilkes-Barre, they are fighting addiction with medication-assisted therapy. As the number of people addicted to opioids grows, so does the number of clinics offering medication-assisted therapy to treat it. Some examples of that would be methadone or suboxone, to name a few. Medication-assisted treatment has its critics, but we spoke with one former drug addict who says it saved her life.

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Shauna Thomas lives in Bloomsburg. She’s 38, has two sons, and runs a catering business. She knows many people have no idea about her past struggles with drug addiction, starting when she was 19.

“I was just with friends one day and they’re like, ‘Try this,’ and I did, and I liked it. (It was) heroin,” Thomas recalled.

What followed was years of rehabs and relapses. At one point, her family threatened to turn her over to the police.

Then, at 24, Shauna got pregnant.

“Making self-destructive decisions for myself was one thing, but to put that on someone else? I couldn’t do that.”

That baby was born full-term and perfectly healthy…

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