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Although drug use and addiction are still very evident at present across the world, at least we know that there are people who are trying their best to solve the problem and save more lives from total destruction. In Calgary, experts are meeting together to tackle the problem in street-level drug use.

street-level drug useThe people dealing with drug addiction on the front lines and on the streets — and its impacts on Calgary communities — met Wednesday morning to talk about how they can work together. Nearly four dozen law enforcement officials, social workers, researchers, outreach workers, medical professionals, city officials and community leaders attended the informal meeting hosted by Mount Royal University criminologist Dr. Kelly Sundberg.

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They all agree that a coordinated plan is critical to deal with ongoing street level drug addiction and resulting social disorder and crime.

“We’ve had year after year, hundreds of people dying from this. Someone dies every other day.” said Sundberg. “It’s a crisis and we need quick action and there can’t be bureaucratic red tape that’s holding it back.”

He said he wanted to bring these individuals, groups and organizations together because he knows they ultimately have the same goals.

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