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When a person is under the influence of drugs, in most cases he or she is not aware of what he is doing. The worse thing is, the person is not aware of the consequences of his/her actions. Indeed, drug is so powerful that it can make a person do even the worst thing of all. This is also why we see in the news a lot of cases of rape, killing, theft, and so many others. Drugs can make a person fearless, even guiltless.

Just like what happened in Jacksonville where a woman was arrested for stealing $600 worth of donations that was intended for the family of a fatally shot 7-year-old girl just to support her drug addiction. This is unimaginable- how a person can do this to someone who badly needed help. With instances like this, it simply shows that there should be a more rigid implementation of rules and laws when it comes to drug addiction. For those who wants to get help as they want to quit, addiction treatment centers should be available.

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JACKSONVILLE, FL (WJXT/CNN) – Authorities say a woman arrested on theft charges admitted to stealing $600 worth of donations for the family of a fatally shot 7-year-old girl in order to support her drug habit.

Tammy Crews, 46, appeared in court Sunday, where she pled guilty to a drug paraphernalia charge. She is also accused of felony grand theft, for which the judge set her bond at $10,000.

Deputies arrested Crews on the charges Saturday afternoon after receiving a tip.

Only a few hours earlier, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office released surveillance video showing a woman stealing a donation jar that contained $600 from El Tapatio Restaurant on Thursday.

The money inside the jar was intended for the family of 7-year-old Heidy Rivas Villanueva, who was hit by a stray bullet and killed Aug. 11 during a shootout among three men.

When questioned by authorities, Crews said she stole the donations to “support her crack cocaine addiction” and used the money to buy drugs.

A crack pipe was recovered during Crews’ arrest.

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