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Every child deserves to have the best of everything especially the love and care of parents. But can you imagine your life growing up and spending it with parents who are addicted to drugs? At a young age, you may not realize how these things can impact your own life or that of your parents. But as you grow older, you begin to realize that it’s so difficult to love a normal life if you are in a home where people use drugs.

But lucky for those who were able to pull it through and managed to live a normal life in spite of the situation. Just like with Shauna Ray Lacey who grew up with parents who are addicted to heroin. It’s inspiring that though her dad passed away, her mom was able to change and live a new life. Indeed, when it comes to drug addiction, as long as one acknowledges it and is willing to change, with rehab centers and support from people around you, change is always possible.

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Shauna, 24, opened up about the difficulties of growing up with parents who were heroin addicts on the first night of the televised spectacle.

The mum-of-one was praised for her frank and honest interview with host Daithi O’Se.

Shauna’s dad passed away after a series of operations following his struggle with the addiction but the Carlow Rose insisted she still had a normal life.

She said: “My daddy always worked. We were never short of anything.”

She spoke about her charity work, saying that she often feels recovering addicts are “unsure what to do” after coming out of treatment centres.

The young mum said her mother – who was cheering her on in the audience in Tralee – is currently four years clean.

Shauna told Daithi how she found out she was expecting her three-year-old daughter Emmy – who was in the Dome with Shauna’s partner John – when she was 21.

She added: “A lot of people in Ireland follow the same paths as their parents but I’m here.”

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