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The struggle of going through drug addiction is different in each person. There are those who are so open about it, admitting that they are an addict and that they want help. On the other hand, there are those who would rather deal with it on their own. Whatever it is, the important thing is to get through it. In the entertainment industry, it’s easy to find people are open about their addiction and those who are keeping it a secret and wait for the right time to admit it.

Comedian Artie Lange, who has struggled with addiction for decades, revealed on Wednesday that he has been clean for 18 days and went on to perform a show before quickly returning to the rehab center for the Thanksgiving Day, saying he’s “fighting hard.”

“Guess who’s clean?!! Been clean 18 days!  The rehab I’m at let me use my phone to check things. I still have more time here but I’m doing great. I’m humble. Not bragging. Just feel well.  Tons of work ahead. Sunrise detox in Sterling, N.J., helped save my life!!!  They’re great!!” Lange tweeted.

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The 51-year-old performed in New Brunswick on Wednesday. He said he was allowed to temporarily put a stop to his treatment at the rehab that day, an unusual privilege granted by the treatment center.

In a series of tweets, Lange described his experience at the addiction treatment center, praising the staff.

“I’m at The Retreat by Lancaster PA. This place is a Godsend! They’re not payin me. No free stay. They do it right. I’m so grateful to them. The nurses are Angels. I’m not saying I will never relapse. I pray every day!! Just happy to be alive. I ain’t checkin out yet! I love u all!” he tweeted.

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