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We are all believers that someone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. So we cannot speak to whether Dr. Cheruvu acted out of malice or just simply mishandled certain things, with the best of intentions.

The federal government certainly has come down hard on the addiction treatment industry in Florida due to fraudulent practices. So it should come as no surprise that fraud could potentially be found outside of Florida.

We make no judgments simply want to encourage the addiction industry to act with the highest ethics and treat our patients like family, and sometimes depending on how much you like your family- better than family.

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Depending on who you believe, the case against Dr. Sreekrishna Cheruvu is about deceit and dishonesty or mistakes and complications.

Did the Amherst addiction specialist really intend to cheat local insurers by charging patients for visits while he was out of the country?

And did he knowingly bilk them out of even more money by billing for individual sessions when the treatment was really group therapy?

Those questions are at the heart of a federal prosecution accusing Cheruvu of overbilling HealthNow, Independent Health and Univera by about $776,000 over a four-year period.


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