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A landmark scientific article on the workplace as a major determinant of health is published today (Thursday, 12 October) in The Lancet, and reveals a global picture of the work-related causes of mental health conditions.

Carried by University College Cork (UCC) researchers for the Lancet Series on work and health, the paper illustrates that major progress in population health can be made by an increased focus on improving people’s work environments.

The paper, ‘Work-related causes of mental health conditions and interventions for their improvement in workplaces’, presents sound epidemiological evidence based on large-scale international cohort studies that adverse working conditions contribute to an increased risk of onset of depressive disorders and outlines critical interventions to improve mental health conditions in workplaces.

Dr Birgit Greiner and Professor Ella Arensman, UCC School of Public Health, co-authored the article with academics from universities in Europe, Japan and Australia. Dr Birgit Greiner will present the findings at the World Health Summit in Berlin on Sunday, 15 October.

This article discusses a landmark publication that provides a comprehensive global perspective on the work-related factors contributing to mental health conditions. The publication delves into the intricate relationship between employment and mental well-being, shedding light on the various workplace stressors and challenges that impact individuals worldwide. It underscores the significance of understanding these dynamics to address and alleviate mental health conditions effectively.

The article summarizes the publication’s key findings, emphasizing that work-related factors can significantly affect mental health. Issues like excessive workloads, job insecurity, and poor workplace relationships can lead to mental health challenges. The publication underscores the importance of creating supportive work environments and policies that prioritize employee mental health.

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