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Telehealth availability for mental health care varies significantly across states — from less than half of treatment facilities contacted in states like Mississippi and South Carolina to every facility contacted in states like Maine and Oregon, according to a new RAND study.

Researchers found there were differences in services offered depending on whether a mental health treatment facility was located in a rural or metropolitan area.

The types of services offered — and the types of telehealth modalities available — also varied widely among clinics, with roughly one in four clinics not offering virtual medication management and about one in three not offering virtual diagnostic services.

The results are from a “secret shopper” study where researchers phoned nearly 2,000 clinics nationally and sought to make telehealth appointments for various mental health conditions posing as patients with different perceived race and ethnicities. The findings are published in the journal JAMA Health Forum.

A recent examination reveals significant variations in telehealth accessibility for mental health care based on geographical locations. Disparities in telehealth availability underscore the need for inclusive mental health services that transcend geographic boundaries.

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