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In a recent study published in Nature Mental Health, researchers examined the effect of experiencing bullying in childhood on mental health in adolescence. They found that bullying led to increased mental health problems in late adolescence, partially mediated by the development of interpersonal distrust during middle adolescence, aligning with the predictions of the social safety theory (SST).

The mental health of children and adolescents has become a pressing public health issue, with one in four experiencing significant depression symptoms globally. In the USA, alarming rates of persistent sadness, suicide planning, and attempts among high school students show a concerning upward trend. SST suggests that maintaining social bonds is crucial for human health, while threats like bullying and rejection lead to various health issues. Research indicates that social acceptance promotes well-being, while experiences of rejection engage neural circuits that affect the immune system, potentially leading to long-term mental and physical health challenges.

A recent study sheds light on the enduring impact of childhood bullying, emphasizing a correlation between mistrust issues and heightened mental health risks in adulthood for those who experienced bullying during their teenage years. Understanding the profound and lasting effects of childhood trauma is crucial in providing effective mental health support.

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