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Spending on mental health services among Americans with private health insurance has surged since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, continuing to rise even as the use of telehealth has plateaued, according to a new study.

Spending on mental health services rose by 53% from March 2020 to August 2022 among a large group of people with employer-provided insurance, according to researchers from the RAND Corporation and Castlight Health. During the same period, use of mental health services increased by 39%.

The researchers say it is uncertain if the trend will continue since some rules that expanded payment for telehealth services expired when the nation’s public health emergency ended in May. The findings are published by the journal JAMA Health Forum.

To examine trends in mental health services after the start of the pandemic, researchers examined claims from about 7 million commercially insured adults from January 2019 through August 2022.

In a recent article by News-Medical, a remarkable increase in spending on mental health services has been unveiled, showing a staggering rise of 532.5% during the COVID-19 pandemic. This investment surge highlights the pandemic’s profound impact on global mental well-being and the recognition of the urgent need for adequate mental health support.

The article underscores the profound psychological toll inflicted by the pandemic, leading to heightened anxiety, stress, and other mental health challenges across the population. Governments and health organizations worldwide have responded by allocating substantial resources to bolster mental health services, aiming to address the escalating demand for assistance.

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