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Societal issues -; including the growth in ultra-high-cost treatments, the epidemic of mental health and substance use disorders, climate change, and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI)-; could alter how health systems serve their communities within five years, according to the latest annual ASHP/ASHP Foundation Pharmacy Forecast Report. The 2024 Pharmacy Forecast, released today at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exhibition, drew its findings from a survey of more than 250 pharmacy leaders from across the United States on key topics impacting health systems.

The rise of innovative and ultra-high-cost new treatments, which often come with complex delivery systems, provide new hope for preventing, curing, and treating devastating diseases. These treatments, which can cost millions of dollars per patient, may fundamentally alter how health systems deliver care. More than three-quarters of survey respondents indicate formulary and policy decisions for ultra-high-cost drugs will be made by payers or service-line stakeholders, weakening the scope of the pharmacy and therapeutics committees, which have led the selection of drugs provided by health systems for decades. In addition, 77% of survey respondents believe that it is somewhat to very likely the cost and complexity of new treatments will result in the termination of service lines within some health systems.

A recent Pharmacy Forecast Report underscores significant transformations in healthcare delivery driven by societal shifts. This article provides a concise overview of the report’s key insights, highlighting the anticipated changes poised to reshape the healthcare landscape.

The report foresees a dynamic interplay of societal factors influencing healthcare, including evolving patient expectations, technological advancements, and a growing emphasis on mental health. As these changes unfold, it becomes crucial for individuals to stay informed and prepared for the evolving healthcare landscape.

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