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Is Oxycodone The Same As Oxycontin?




Drugs like Oxycodone and Oxycontin are normally used for relieving pain. Take note that the active ingredient added in Oxycontin is actually oxycodone. The difference lies in the fact that oxycontin includes a time-release mechanism that will increase its pain-killing or analgesic effect. In recent years, those who make oxycontin have changed its frequency so that patients prescribed with it do not have to take the substance as often as other pain medications, including oxycodone.

The need for pain pills has risen in recent years. It has been determined that pain pills are actually highly addictive and easy to obtain. A lot of doctors often prescribed pain pills for both real and imaginary pain. A lot of drug dealers come packed with painkillers and it is no surprise that the most sold out pain pills are oxycodone and oxycontin.

  • Both pills are not completely the same.
  • Oxycontin is the synthetic drug containing oxycodone developed in 1995 to provide relief from pain round the clock.
  • The analgesic effect of Oxycontin can actually last a lot longer than oxycodone.
  • Oxycodone is believed to be the lesser evil of the two with Tylenol and Ibuprofen as the most famous brands.
  • The street names of Oxycontin include Kicker, OC, Oxycotton, and Hillbilly heroin.

What are the effects of Oxycontin compared to Oxycodone?

Oxycontin portrays a stronger effect on relieving pain due to its high concentration of the main component. Drugs that contain oxycodone can relieve pain for 4-6 hours. Oxycontin, however, can relieve pain for at least 12 hours. If you are taking oxycontin to relieve pain, you will only have to take it, say twice the whole day or as needed for management of several types of pain.

Dangers of Oxycodone abuse and addiction

Oxycodone has been determined by the US Drug Enforcement Administration to have been abused for more than 30 years. When Oxycontin was first made available in 1995, oxycodone abuse escalated significantly. Not only it is addictive, but it is also believed to be lethal. The euphoric effects of the drug can actually compel the user to increase the dose to achieve the first “high” experience but may cause a respiratory failure. When taken together with alcohol, the risks for overdose can be multiplied.

Are you at risk?

Experts believe that oxycontin has become the most abused opioid in the US. It has been discovered that it is significantly easier to abuse the drug since it is often sold off the streets or found in household medicine cabinets.

Drug abuse can also happen with prescription drugs, especially with pain pills due to its relaxing benefit and euphoric effects. There are some more ways to abuse the drug and it includes crushing the pill to either swallow or snort. Others dilute the crushed pill in water and then inject it. The latter method destroys its time-release mechanism making the person feel the effects of the drug almost immediately.

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