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Can Traces of Tramadol Give You A Positive Read In An Opiates Test?

Yes, in a way.

Tramadol is not necessarily going to appear on standard drug tests that are usually taken as a requirement for job employment. On the contrary, it will appear on the toxicology screening, which was specifically created for the detection of prescription drug use.

The human body has the tendency to develop instances of chemical dependency on Tramadol even after several weeks of taking the medication on a regular basis. If at any moment you decide to cease from medicating with Tramadol, your body has the tendency to undergo a period of withdrawal.

Do You Need To Get Tested For Tramadol?

There may be a number of reasons why you would consider getting tested for Tramadol. The most common reason is for medical purposes.

  • Studies have shown that the risks of taking Tramadol are also associated with serious side effects due to drug interactions and overdose. Its high risk of danger is what necessitates medical testing.
  • If you have already been admitted to a medical facility and the doctors diagnose you of an overdose, it is necessary to dig into your medical history to find out about the type of medications you are taking. Hence, they need to run a screen test.
  • You would also be required to undergo screening for whatever legal purpose it may serve. As an example, a person convicted of medicating with Tramadol usually without medical supervision for the purpose of getting high is required by law to get tested.  Ergo, testing positive for Tramadol medication without a doctor’s prescription could put you at risk of any legal consequence.

What are the different drug tests for Tramadol?

You can opt for a blood test to check if there is Tramadol in your blood or a Toxi-Lab A. However, these types of tests may not reveal the level of the drug as only a simple positive or negative result will be revealed. The presence of Tramadol can also be traced in urine and hair samples. Just remember that these tests will only be administered if there is the previous suspicion of Tramadol abuse in the individual.

Tramadol is often detected in hair tests even at low levels or even the level normally prescribed by a doctor. Previous studies have shown that a Tramadol concentration of 0.176 ng/mg was already enough for the medication to be detected by a test. Anecdotal evidence postulates that urine tests do not have the same efficacy as hair tests since the Tramadol can leave the system quickly.

When tested positive for Tramadol, there should be no problem if you have a prescription for it. Even if the medication shows up on your results, you can simply explain that you previously needed it for a pain disorder. The problem exists when you only self-medicate with Tramadol. Several states consider this drug a controlled substance, which could mean that testing positive for it could get you into legal trouble.



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