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United Behavioral Health Care Coverage For Addiction Treatment


What Does United Behavioral Health Care Cover For Drugs And Alcohol Substance Abuse Treatment?

United Behavioral Health or UHB, is among the largest healthcare companies in the US. They focus on the provision of mental health services. Plus, they provide treatment for substance abuse. UHB commits to deliver a wide spectrum of services to cover all their member’s needs.

UHB offers rehabilitation and detox coverage when certain criteria are met. Patients must have a physician’s recommendation. In addition, all rehab programs must be supervised by one. For detoxification treatments, the program must include constant monitoring and frequent interventions by healthcare professionals. The same applies to inpatient programs as well.

UBH Coverage for Alcohol and Drug Detox

Being addicted to alcohol and drugs is bad enough, but what’s worse is withdrawal. This is why people with addictions are afraid to stop and seek help. UHB offers several plans that cover both inpatient and outpatient programs. These plans help people go through the toughest phases.

When you sign up for UHB’s plans, they will find out what your particular policy will cover. Rehab is not a one-size-fits-all program. It must be tailored to each individual because everyone has their specific needs. In this effect, UHB will seek addiction specialists and centers that best suit your needs.

Coverage Criteria

A patient must meet certain criteria to have UHB cover their treatments. For inpatient programs, the following criteria must be met.

  • The service or program must be for “active treatment.”
  • This means the patient’s treatment has a substantial diagnosis, short and long-term goals, and any supporting documents that justify the administration and continuation of the treatment.
  • The duration of the program is no longer than 190 days in the member’s lifetime
  • Treatment done by acute rehabilitation and detox hospitals don’t count the days.

For outpatient care, the criteria are as follows:

  • The service the patient will receive must be in line with the physician.
  • UHB won’t approve outpatient care if the rehab is supervised by a nutrition expert. The program must be in the hands of an addiction specialist.
  • The program must significantly improve the patient’s condition.
  • This is why it’s important to carefully discuss your rehab plan with your doctor.
  • The program must be supervised and evaluated by a physician.

When Partial hospitalization is recommended, it’s treated as outpatient care. UBH will only cover partial hospitalization. This is done either after finishing an inpatient program or if it will help shorten the inpatient program. They will also cover partial hospitalization if the lack of it will require inpatient treatment instead.

Coverage Duration:How Long Will They Cover My Stay, Care?

Since rehabilitation varies between patients, so does the duration of it. There are several factors that can affect the length of the program. The usual lengths are 30 days for standard substance abuse programs, but other cases can reach up to 90 days.

The factors that can affect the length are as follows:

  • Type of substance used
  • Severity of usage
  • History of usage
  • Pre-existing Mental and physical conditions
  • Specific needs of the patient during the period


UBH has its own directory of providers and centers. If you have a center that’s more convenient, you can contact UBH support for considerations. is dedicated to helping people turn their life around through 12 step and support groups.

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